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We live in the jungle immersed in nature, Our food goes beyond what our hands harvest, it is the vegetation and harmony with which we feed our sight, we listen to the concert of the singing of the birds and the rose of the air with the leaves of the trees.

The knowledge of the ancients merge with the now. We must return to the past to reinvent ourselves. Build without leaving a trace. The sun fills us with energy. The wind drives us to enjoy. Water transports us to new worlds. The earth supports us. Join our lifestyle and transform the world to come.

Fill yourself with energy. Rest under a starry sky. Love yourself Find your space in the universe. Let's discover together in our village where we come from, what we are and where we are going.

The fortified historical city 

Campeche, MX.

Campeche is a Caribbean city of times of the Spanish colonization. Its historic center has preserved the walls and the fortified system created to protect it from naval attacks.



Mayan lands

The Mayan site of of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve,with 723 thousand hectares of protected forests and more than 7 thousand pre-Hispanic structures. Calakmul received in 2014 the title of Mixed Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.



From the era of commercial glory, the city has beautiful flat haciendas with green gardens and colonial architecture.


Lu‘um Na ‘Project

Construction with ancestral methods

The base made with stone masonry and sascab (sandy material of the region) structure of regional woods (horcones) adapted to the tropical climate that are very hard and long-lasting, the walls are formed of vertical rods (coloches) covered by mud mixed with grass (pak lum), this allows you to create a thermal barrier while preserving the freshness of the interior of the house and the roof is made up of huano or grass that some say force visitors to bow their heads as a sign of respect for those who they inhabit the house.


living in abundance

Organic Urban Garden

Outdoor shower

Rainwater harvesting

Natural Bio-Pool

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